The Department of Computer Science and Technology h as merged   with the Department of Telecommunications  Science and Technology to form the new Department of Informatics and Telecommunications of the University of Peloponnese (Presidential Decree 70, Government Gazzette 28/05/2013 Α'). The web site of the new department is available at the address .

Department Facilities

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The Department of Computer Science and Technology is housed in the building of the Faculty of Science and Technology which has three floors and a total area of 4,500 sq.m. The same building also houses the Department of Telecommunications Science and Technology.


The Department uses for its main educational mission the 10 classrooms of the Faculty of Science and Technology. All rooms are equipped with computers and modern audio-visual teaching systems. The capacity of each room varies from 40 to 90 seats. One of the rooms is a videoconferencing room that can be used in distance education activities.


The Department has 6 fully equipped teaching and research laboratories:

  • UNIX Lab: The UNIX lab has 25 workstations with a graphical user interface. The users have at their disposal various software development environments, programming languages, and applications with access to database systems.
  • PC Lab: The PC Lab has 25 modern personal computers. The computers have installed office software, application development software, website creation software, image processing and graphics creation software, system analysis and modeling applications, mathematics and computations software and programming languages.
  • Research Labs: The labs are used for both research and teaching activities.

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The building of the Faculty of Science and Technology houses also the Library of the Faculty. The Library has an area of 290 sq.m., has a reading hall with more than 50 seats, is equipped with 30 computers and is developing according to all international regulations, methods and technologies.

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Secretary's Office

The Secretary's office of the Department is housed on the ground floor of the building of the Faculty of Science and Technology sharing an area of 70 sq.m with the Secretary's office of the Telecommunications Department.



There is a catering service operating for the students and some sports fields in the surroundings of the building. The remaining free space is gradually transformed into an important green lung.


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