The Department of Computer Science and Technology h as merged   with the Department of Telecommunications  Science and Technology to form the new Department of Informatics and Telecommunications of the University of Peloponnese (Presidential Decree 70, Government Gazzette 28/05/2013 Α'). The web site of the new department is available at the address .

Program Guide

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The undergraduate studies at the Department of Computer Science and Technology have a duration of four years or eight semesters. The courses of the undergraduate program of studies are divided into core courses and specialization courses.

The core courses are fundamental courses of Computer Science and Technology and are taught to all students during the first six semesters. Before the seventh semester each student selects one of the following three specialization directions offered by the department:

  • Direction 1: Theoretical Computer Science
  • Direction 2: Software Systems
  • Direction 3: Computer Technology

Depending on the direction chosen during the 7th and 8th semester the student follows a series of required specialization courses, elective courses and general education courses. During the same period the diploma thesis is carried out.

More information on the undergraduate program can be found below:

The study program with ECTS course descriptions for the academic year 2010-2011.


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